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* [ Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute] in Hinxton/Cambridge, UK
* [ Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute] in Hinxton/Cambridge, UK
==In Africa==
* [ Biosciences East and Central Africa] in Nairobi, Kenya
* [ Regional Student Group of Eastern Africa (RSG-Eastern Africa)] in Eastern Africa.
==Resources for finding employment==
==Resources for finding employment==

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In the United States

Listed below are a number of companies and institutions actively recruiting in the area.

Boston area


North Carolina (Research Triangle and vicinity)


Washington DC area (encompassing the NIH)

In Europe

In Africa

Resources for finding employment

Start here at Bioinformatics.Org's Career Center.

Then move on to the appointments / careers sections of the the major scientific journals, or, better, search their Web jobs pages with "bioinformatics":

Appropriately for a Web-dependent discipline, there are a variety of specialist commercial Web sites which carry bioinformatics jobs:

Useful guidance:

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