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The Research School of Biological Sciences, at the Australian National University in Canberra offers PhD., MSc. and Honours programs in Bioinformatics.

You can obtain a Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia.

As of 2001 Flinders University in Adelaide offers a Bachelor's of Science in Bioinformatics.

The Biochemistry Department of La Trobe University in Victoria also offers an undergraduate course in Bioinformatics.

The University of Melbourne offers undergraduate study in Bioinformatics. Thanks to Gad.

There are (according to H L View) PhD, MPhil and Honours programmes in bioinformatics (plus a bioinformatics minor) available at Murdoch University's Centre for Bioinformatics and Biological Computing.

The University of New South Wales in Sydney offers a Bachelor of Engineering in Bioinformatics.

According to Jonathan Watts, "Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane QLD offers a Bachelor of Applied Science Innovation, with a major in Bioinformatics" from 2004.

Sydney University in New South Wales offers a Bachelor's of Science and a postgraduate, Master of Applied Science degree in Bioinformatics. Thanks to Dominic Lau and Sebastien Gerega or the update.

If you know of any other bioinformatics courses is Australasia please feel free to [/sendmessage.php? mail] me about them.

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