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The Bioinformatics Organization offers professional development courses for continuing scientific education. These are short, postgraduate-level courses on computational topics of interest to prospective and practicing researchers in the life sciences. Course titles and descriptions are below. We offer online and on-site courses, most of which can be customized for the needs of companies or organizations. Please contact us for further details.

A screenshot of a live lecture held online

For online courses, the Bioinformatics Organization uses a system for streaming the multimedia of live lectures. It incorporates the following features:

Computer science topics

Level-100 courses in computer science use laboratory scenarios and data to introduce biologists to fundamental computing topics.

Our CS101 courses are for biologists who are unfamiliar with some or all of the computer languages and tools used in the bioinformatics discipline. And our CS102 courses build upon the concepts introduced in the respective CS101 courses. CS102 courses are project-based and use take-home assignments to acquaint the biologist with larger and more complex computing problems.

Computer Programming Series:

Data Discovery & Acquisition Series:


Biology topics

Level-200 courses in biology cover special topics that field but introduce analytical techniques that can be utilized by practitioners in any of the allied fields (CS, math, chemistry, engineering and physics).

Microarray Data Analysis Series:

Network & Pathway Analysis Series:

Genomics Series:

Math topics

Level-100 courses in math use laboratory scenarios and data to introduce biologists to essential topics in mathematics.

Our MA101 courses are for biologists who are unfamiliar with some or all of the mathematical methods used in the bioinformatics discipline.

Biostatistics Series:


NB: The educational services website at Bioinformatics.Org requires a separate account.


Click here for a calendar of educational events.

"Course Bundle" option

We also offer a "Course Bundle" option for those individuals and organizations interested in getting unlimited access to most of our course offerings. The video lectures are pre-recorded - attendees can watch them on the internet, and download all the other course materials (slides, examples, software). The instructors are still available to answer questions, or clarify any issues pertaining to the materials. This option offers significant savings, when compared to taking each of our courses separately. It also provides a great deal of flexibility.

Price: $2000 per user (perpetual access).

Any new courses added in the first year will automatically become available to customer. Renewal fee of 20% applies for adding new courses in subsequent years.

Please contact us for questions or additional information.

Our clients

Many researchers and scientists have benefited from our workshops; here are some testimonials:

Very interactive and rewarding. -- Edouard Cadieu, Ph.D., NIH/NHGRI
I really enjoyed the courses and look forward to future offerings. -- John Laycock, Ph.D., Amgen Inc.
I learned a lot and got really motivated. -- Carlos J. Blondel, Santiago, Chile

Our attendees come from far and wide; here's a partial list:

Additional information

Please contact us for questions or additional information.

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