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The Bioinformatics Organization was established as a non-profit institute in 1998, with a mission to provide research, development and educational services to the life sciences community. Today, the Organization is the largest international affiliation in the field, having tens of thousands of members from around the world.

The Core Facility draws on our wealth of experience in assisting biomedical and pharmaceutical scientists facing computational hurdles in their work. Our scientific staff use state-of-the-art hardware and software, as well as their knowledge, to develop solutions for computational problems. The educational offerings of the facility allow scientists to learn techniques for themselves and to solve problems independently.


Areas of expertise

Selected research projects

Selected development projects

Education topics

The Bioinformatics Organization also offers professional development courses for continuing scientific education. These are short, postgraduate-level courses on computational topics of interest to prospective and practicing researchers in the life sciences.

For more information

To contact us regarding a project you have in mind, use the Bioinformatics Core Facility Inquiry Form

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