Description of "TaqManIn" macro:

This macro is a handy tool for moving data from an exported TaqMan genotyping read (allelic discrimination) into another Excel spreadsheet containing your data.  It can easily be modified to work with other sorts of data, which can be useful in updating your spreadsheets if they contain other data, such as epidemiological measures.

It is important to note that in order for this to work correctly, your data from the TaqMan machine must be in a very specific format!  BE VERY CAREFUL!  While you will be able to change any mistakes made due to data being in the wrong column or row, it could be a very tedious operation.  Be sure to check this sample format.  The same holds true for any changes that you may make to this macro for updating your spreadsheets.

How the macro works:

The first thing to note is that the macro will start by asking a few questions.  First, you need to define what workbook is your exported TaqMan results.  Then, you need to choose which workbook holds your data (I am trying to avoid using the word database...).  Lastly, you will be asked what polymorphism you have analyzed.   

In it's original form, your data needs to start on row 5, with the sample name being in column B, and genotype in column E.  The macro will go through your output line by line, reading the genotype information, then looking for that individual in your spreadsheets, and adds the genotype in the right column.

A last note.  If the macro comes across an individual that already has a genotype recorded, it will only tell you if the genotype is different.  If it does not find an individual in your data, it will also let you know.

Platforms tested:
Windows 98, NT4, ME, 2000

Runs in Excel 98 and 2000.

This macro has been developed by David Cox.
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