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FirstGlance in Jmol

Updated January, 2013.

The primary server accessed via firstglance.jmol.org is chosen to give consistently fast downloads of the applet. If, at your location (and assuming you have a high-speed connection to the Internet), the primary server fails to display the molecule (for the first time, in a new browser session) in less than 60 seconds, try the mirror sites below to see if one of them gives consistently faster service to your location. (You will need to quit your browser between each test, or else the applet will already be in the browser's cache.)

If you choose a different mirror, you can make your links to that mirror by replacing "firstglance.jmol.org" with the mirror URL, following the examples at Links. Note 1: These sites are configured to use the unsigned Jmol applet for all molecules. For more information, see PDB Data File Access Methods. These sites cannot accept Uploads initiated at these sites are processed by the main OCA server in Israel, courtesy of Jaime Prilusky.

Note 2: These sites require use of the signed Jmol applet to display molecules obtained from absolute URL's (beginning "http://", see Links). They use the unsigned applet when displaying PDB identification codes. For more information, see PDB Data File Access Methods.

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