FirstGlance in Jmol
Version History

Previous versions of FirstGlance in Jmol remain available for testing on the server:
  • 2.32 (October, 2015) through the current version remain operational in Java and JSmol/HTML5 modes.
  • 1.98 (January, 2014) through 2.31 remain operational in JSmol/HTML5 mode only. The Java mode cannot be used without updating Jmol due to the unintentional revocation of Jmol's certificate for Jmol versions before October 15, 2015.
  • 0.95 (November, 2005) - 1.951 remain on the server. These use the unsigned Java applet. They will display molecule files ending ".pdb" in the Gallery, but but do not fetch PDB codes because the method in use back then has been removed from the server. Some of the earliest versions don't work even for ".pdb" items in the gallery because they use the signed applet and the certificate was revoked.
A list of version numbers is below. To use a previous version, add the version number after "/fgij" in the URL. For example,

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