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Rick Ree rick at bioinformatics.org
Fri Dec 7 13:15:19 EST 2001

The following python code is an implementation of the algorithm you're
looking for:

def add_component(components, c):
    nc = len(components)
    i = 0
    for comp in components:
        if intersects(comp, c):
            components[i] = combine(comp, c)
            if i == nc - 1:  return components
            components[i:] = add_component(components[i+1:], comp)
        i += 1

    if i == nc: components.append(c)

    return components
Here, 'components' is a list of 'supergroups', i.e. lists of objects
(whatever you're grouping), and 'c' is a list you want to add to it. 
This function calls 'intersects(a, b)' which should return true if list
a and list b overlap, and 'combine(a, b)' which should return the union
of list a and list b.


supergroups = []  # empty list
for group in groups_to_combine:
    supergroups = add_component(supergroups, group)

On Fri, 2001-12-07 at 07:33, Tanya Vavouri wrote:
> Help !
> I have a very simple problem that I'm trying to solve using Perl...but I've 
> spent quite a bit of time thinking about it and I have only come up with a 
> very slow solution (too slow!). I'm sure that there must be a fast and easy 
> solution to this problem so if you have any ideas please let me know.
> The problem is : I have sequences in groups that may overlap and I am trying 
> to get all the groups that overlap together. So, lets say that every 
> sequence is represented by a letter and I have groups such as:
> Group 1 : A B C
> Group 2 : D E F K
> Group 3 : G H A
> Group 4 : L M H R S
> So, I want to write a program to give me only 2 "super" groups from the 
> above, ie
> Supergroup I  : A B C G H L M R S
> Supergroup II : D E F K
> Any ideas would be very VERY welcome !
> Thanks in advance,
> Tanya
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