[BiO BB] I want to set up a simple Biocluster for a project proposal. BioSoftware suggetion?

Claris Castillo T clarisca at cwpanama.net
Tue Dec 25 14:05:09 EST 2001

Hi, we want to set up a biocluster for a demo but
we are dummies and we would like to hear any suggestion
to use a biosoftware very simple (this is our first step) to run
on a Boewulf Cluster of a minimun number of computers.
We would like to implement the most simple system as
our first step in the project.

Thanks in advance,
Claris Castillo T.

Technology Development Engineer 
Centauri Technologies Corporation 
email:  clarisca at cwpanama.net 
tel (507) 2138367    mobile: (507) 6175992  

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