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Greg Deocampo Greg at tekadence.net
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Congratulations on your CS degree.

This link may be helpful to you:

It seems to me that there are three broad areas of study:  1) information
technology for bioinformatics, 2) computer science for bioinformatics, 3)
predictive biosimulations.

1)  seems to be about how to use existing products ie Oracle 9 to manage
bohunkin' (that's a technical term:  HUGE) databases for sequencing etc
2) seems to be about what's the best algortihm or method for figgerin' where
the protein needle is in this sequence haystack
3) to me is where it all comes together.  i confess to physics envy:  how do
we use all this data to predict disease and successful therapy?

I'm a fan of what these people are doing and how they are doing it:

This guy, http://www.cse.ucsc.edu/~kent/, in addition to having godlike
cognitive abilities and a saint-like philosophy regarding credit and sharing
his work, would probably spare you an email to give you good advice based on
what you have specifically done, what you think you want to do, and what the
community as a whole needs done.

Please let me know if you might be interested in project-based opporuntities
during your academic interphase.

Best regards!

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  I recently completed a computer science degree from the University of
Pennsylvania and I am currently applying to graduate schools in
Bioinformatics.  I was wondering if people could comment on the different
programs in the United States and perhaps compare some of the major
differences or highlights between them

  Thank you,

  Gabriel Eichler

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