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Varshney Gaurav K. varshney99 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 12 00:49:22 EDT 2001

Dear Researcher,
eBioinfogen Innovatives, a budding Bioinformatics solution provider
proud  to be launch its new portal "eBioinfogen.com: A Biological Web
Resources Navigator". The URL of this portal is
http://www.ebioinfogen.com .You can access:

1. Pub med/Medline search, TOC for thousand of journals, Article
finder, Impact factors etc.
2. Protocols (More than thousand protocols, divided into different
categories and subcategories)
3. Build your own website, get 20 MB space for 
"http:// yourname.ebioinfogen.com."  (No programming experience
required, you can also copy your existing website)
4. Spam free E-mail service (yourname at ebioinfogen.com)
5. Forums: Discuss your issues in different subjects
6. 20 MB Free web drive.
7. On line Sequence Analysis program
8. Database of Biological Web Resources on Net
9. Job Search
10. Post Your Articles
11. Virtual Dissection and many more

These are the few examples. You can access wealth of biological
information and save your time. Don't rely on search engines they
rely on your keywords. Log on to "eBioinfogen" and get accurate
information. Looking forward for your visit at <www.ebioinfogen.com

Thanking you very much for your time.

Gaurav K Varshney
eBioinfogen Innovatives

Send your comments and suggestions  to:
 admin at ebioinfogen.com / editor at ebioinfogen.com

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