[BiO BB] Schooling question

Ashton T. Belew abelew at mail.wesleyan.edu
Mon Jun 18 23:55:44 EDT 2001

	I graduated from Wesleyan University in 1998 as a Biology major.
During my time at Wesleyan, I took up programming as a hobby; and started
working there as a systems administrator/programmer for the university.
I decided to stop last December in order to travel.  While driving across
Arizona, I decided I want to return to school.  I have strong interest in
Computer Science/Computing, Biology, Linguistics, and English.  
	My question is, simply put:  where should one look in order to
attempt to find a fun and difficult program in Bioinformatics?  Thus far,
I have only poked around in google (thus finding bioinformatics.org) and
have not found any criteria to help me decide upon a school.
					Thank you for your time,

Ashton Trey Belew
Phone: 860 983 1046 
e-mail: abelew at wesleyan.edu
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