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Val Bykoski valb at vtek.com
Sun Jun 24 11:24:41 EDT 2001

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Subject: [BiO BB] Engineering and bioinformatics

> Hi,
> I'm starting a PhD from a Computer Systems Engineering and Electronic
> Engineering background.  I'm currently investigating topics for the PhD.
> Does anyone know of any topics in bioinformatics that may be suitable to
> be tackled
> by an engineer ?
> Alternatively if you're looking for a PhD student to do some research
> for your company,
> and don't mind me working from the University of Auckland here in
> NewZealand, then
> perhaps you should make contact.  I'm financially sponsored by my Dept.
> so I'm not looking
> for funding - just a great PhD topic/idea !
> Thanks,
> p.calverley at auckland.ac.nz

Hi Paul,
    I think a combination of electronic engineering and bioinformatics is indeed
the future of what we know now as bioinformatics.  i'm not sure there is a need
in accumulation of huge genetic datasets, their data-mining, visualization, and
painful figuring out "what all that  does mean" and how to "design new drugs".
The data needs to be USED immediately to change/control cell behavior.  So it
looks like that electronic and optical engineering will be critical in desig and
implementation of the next-gen "engines" to directly sense and then modify
cellular structures and functions.  It may happen in 3-5 years.
    So your background, Paul, is a good starting point.  Tell me more about your
current experience, skills, and interests, and i'll be more specific in terms of
the PhD topics.

my best, val
val at vtek.com

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