[BiO BB] [Fwd: starting a career in bioinformatics]

Deanne lilyth at umich.edu
Thu Mar 8 23:24:58 EST 2001

> Perhaps you folks could pool efforts?

I've seen nodal, yes, it's a very nice site, but I had something more
"rooted" in mind, with more resources available, kind of a tool for kids
or scientists looking for the current state of the art (and yea, nodal
does a good job of the slashdotting but I want that to be secondary to the
usefulness of the site). Pool efforts will be good, but first there has to
be a site, and that'll take a while. :) This may never get off the ground
past being an info resource, but even that will be good enough.

Besides, I'm sick of mergers. 

at one of those merged places

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