[BiO BB] bioinfotech (was: starting a career...)

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Mar 9 06:26:45 EST 2001

Hi Deanne!

Deanne wrote:
> Purpose is to act as a clearing house for all things bioinformatics and
> information tech related directly to biology (not necessarily related
> entirely to coding, so it's not stepping on la Open Lab). :)

"The Open Lab" will now refer to our project hosting system based on
SourceForge.  We hope to host projects there that are not directly related to
coding, perhaps some research.  "The Open Lab" then is really short for "The
Open Collaboratory".

> Articles,
> news, commentary, gripes, raves, rants, software and industry reviews,
> academic departments, etc. Maybe a who's who of the field. Something.
> Think slashdot for bioinformatics.

On the other hand, "Bioinformatics.org" is the parent organization, and we
intend to provide as many free services as there are people to help provide
them.  There is nothing saying that BiO cannot do this or that, unless it is
commercial.  And we do hope to cover many things like news, commentary,
gripes, raves, rants, software and industry reviews, academic departments,
etc. with the BiO News service.  But, like Nodalpoint, we need more
contributors.  Think of Bioinformatics.org as a free bioinformatics portal.

> It's a not-for-profit news/info site that will eventually answer questions
> like this one, "How do I get a job in this field." "What is there left to
> do?" "What do I need to know?"  It'll be a good place to point people,
> anyway.

I was thinking about a bioinformatics FAQ.

"John S. J. Anderson" wrote:
> There's already at least one '/. for bioinfo', at nodalpoint.org; I'm
> ostensibly a contributor, although I seem to have trouble finding time
> amongst all my other projects.

I consider Nodalpoint to be a Slashdot for biology, because the news topics,
while of interest to all bioscientists, are always related to bioinformatics. 
So, its scope is a bit broader.

What barrier, if any, do people find to contributing news, etc. to BiO News?

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