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                   Summer school on protein folding

 May 20-26, 2001 - Cargese, Corsica (France)

 Announcement of a summer school on the following topic :

 The prediction and mechanism of protein folding : from topology to
 intermediate states

 The University of Corsica, the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis are
 pleased to announce this summer school,
 to be held in  Cargese, Corsica (France) from May 20-26, 2001 and
 co-sponsored by the European Union,
 the CNRS, and Hutchinson.

 This school will feature about 20 invited speakers and a total of 80
 Courses concern as well physisists, chemists or biologists concerned (or
 willing to become)
 by the problem of protein folding, either by experimental or theoretical
 Special attention will be paidto young scientists (under 35 years old).
 With the purpose to stimulate helpful discussions, attendees wille be
 invited to present their own research problems.

 Participation is limited to 60 applicants. To apply, please submit the
 application form at :

 Deadline for receiving applications is April 1, 2001.

 Program and practical informations are available at the following
 electronic adress:

 We would appreciate if you could diffuse this information among the
 members of your laboratory.

 The organisers :
 Jacques Chomilier, Laboratoire de Mineralogie-Cristallographie, Paris
 Gilles Labesse, Centre de Biologie Structurale, Montpellier
 Jean-François Sadoc, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Orsay

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