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You can refer to the following books.

1. Biological Sequence analysis
            By: R. Durbin
              S. Eddy
              A. Krogh
This is for all kind of algorithms.

2. Prediction of protein structure conformation
    Edited By: Gerald D. Fasman
     Plenum press ,NY,1984


Naitik N. Kothari

"Animesh Sharma" <sharma_animesh at hotmail.com>
11/07/2001 09:00:53 AM GMT

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SUBJECT: [BiO BB] Re: BiO_Bulletin_Board digest, Vol 1 #127 - 3 msgs

hello to all the members of bulletin board,

i just joined this community and i feel it is  a good place to share views
and tools :) .
i m a student of bioinformatics in JNU, delhi and wud like to have some help
on a good book on ALGORITHM used in bioinformatics like SmithWaterman ,
Chous-Fasmann etc... or any links which explain this .

thanks alot in advance


                       the answer lies  in genome

dr.animesh sharma
bioinformatics centre

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