[BiO BB] survey plus taxomomy combine agent

Brad McFall bsmcfall at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 9 15:08:40 EST 2001

There is a need it seems to me in BioInformatic economic progress to 
translate lists of species for conservation vs management vs legal 
obligations into practical ecological triangles representing yield values 
that would have found a structural (in addition to causal(correlational)) 
similar uniformness level of confidence in a topography of the histogeny 
contained AND the habitat functionality by behavior developed (in the sense 
of unfolding of the draftsman(techno-bio craft/subject of discussion on this 

A common survay and taxonomy agent as in the latest epistemology out of gbif 
implementation posts elsewhere can give this information to the craftsman of 
any country and the topography specialized Either from internal or external 
interfaces but contrary to other IT proposals the DTD will be in use for the 
largest "evolving" project and not simply an algorithm to  include 
definition of names in the diagram management.

I am sorry if you do not understand as how I write but these ideas will 
become clearer even if curators of museum data continue to interact with me 
as they have in the past.

The complexity could be further reduced if allele and chromosome frequiences 
can  be in the fact finding founded on the same structure discovery (in 
addition to Any correlation or causation philosphized in) through Some 
traditional data (morphology/anatomy, chemistry contained, behavior 
observed, nomeclature in use, higher classification supported) and ALL 
organization level relevant (no matter any hypothetical selection) molecular 

Thanks for being there.  As I read the board the lingo will become more 
comprehensible. I am for a sustainable future.

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