[BiO BB] RE: NT Server stability

hzi at uol.com.br hzi at uol.com.br
Thu Nov 15 19:39:16 EST 2001

On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 07:39:47PM -0800, Bio Next wrote:
> Hi Joel:
> My point was that if the user plans to invest in UI intensive
> tools esp. for visualization / modeling etc then it is more
> cost effective to have a NT box.
How do you mean? Do you mean there's less free software in this area

> I would always try to recommend a solution from the perspective
> of effectiveness in a given scenario rather than some religious
> incantation.

Define the scenario, please. Can you give real world examples?

On religion incantations:
Let's not get into this. The day NASA chooses Windows I will too. And why
is it every computer tomographer I see has a Tk interface?
And, oh remember politics of free software and genome data?

> Have a nice day!
> -BN.

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