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Hi Joel:

NT 4.0 Server is comparatively quite stable since there
have been quite a few service packs ( 7 to be precise ).
The stability is compared to the other OSes that have
been shipped from MSFT stable.

My point was that if the user plans to invest in UI intensive
tools esp. for visualization / modeling etc then it is more
cost effective to have a NT box.

I would always try to recommend a solution from the perspective
of effectiveness in a given scenario rather than some religious

Have a nice day!


--- Joel Dudley <Joel.Dudley at DevelopOnline.com> wrote:
> NT Server 4.0 is quite stable and does not crash at all?? On what
> planet???
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> Hi:
> 2. If you are more interested in analysis of information in a
>    visually intuitive way, invest in Windows NT ( SP 6 ) so that
>    you a sophisticated and mature UI. 
>    Avoid Win9X and Win2K and WinXP because they are either not
>    stable or just demanding in terms of hardware requirements.
>    However NT Server 4.0 is currently quite stable and doesn't
>    crash at all, if you have been careful with the quality of RAM.

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