[BiO BB] Has anyone ever tried Lisp?

James Thompson muppetman559 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 21 01:10:34 EST 2001

I've heard people say that Lisp should be something that any programmer 
learns, regardless of whether they ever use it again or not, because of they 
way it teaches you to think. My most recent programming classes used Scheme, 
which is a dialect of Lisp. I really liked it, it forced me to think in a 
much more abstract way than most other computer science courses that I've 
ever taken, and I think that this has helped the way in which I will design 
and implement programs in the future. Iit allowed some extremely graceful 
solutions to problems that we were given in class. I definitely think that 
it is worth checking out. Here are some links for those who interested:

Paul Graham used LISP to design a program that was eventually bought by 
Yahoo and become Yahoo Stores, here is his article on the subject:

Endpoint Computer is a company that uses LISP to help solve a variety of 
problems, here is their rational for it:

One of the more interesting articles that I've read concerns the use of Lisp 
as a Java Alternative:

Happy Lisping everyone, and I wish you all a good Thanksgiving.

James Thompson

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