[BiO BB] Has anyone ever tried Lisp?

Jan-Christoph Westermann jwester at sgi1.chemie.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Nov 21 08:04:19 EST 2001

hzi at uol.com.br wrote:
>         Has anyone tried Lisp at all here? Anything done on bioinfo
>         with Lisp?

Bioinformatics can be done with any kind of language. Some
are more usefull for certain problems. 

LISP is often used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related 
methods like neural networks or genetic algorithms. These are 
often used in bioinfo or QSAR/QSPR studies. 

Jan-C. Westermann      jwester at sgi1.chemie.uni-hamburg.de
Nota bene: wenn Word für Längeres geeignet wäre, würde es 
schließlich nicht Word, sondern Sentence, Page oder 
Article heißen ;-)               Matthias Mühlich in dctt

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