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Sameer_Mohta Sameer_Mohta at satyam.com
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Hi All,

what exactly you mean by encryption technology in Biological data. Do you
mean to say adding one layer of security in data handling ?
moreover i would like to know what efforts are going on related to
Distributed Programming in BioInformatics. 
hey friends if we want to make a small prototyoe software in Bioinformatics,
then what topics can you suggest and how to proceed.


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I believe it would be somewhat difficult to use distributed computing
(in it's true sense, a seti like approach) for Bioinformatics. Right now
all our computation is IO limited (as someone pointed out in an earlier
post), by having to move large datasets all the time. PVFS might be an
answer, but it is probably not fast enough (speed limiting factor being
metadata lookups).

(Probably if we can find out the encryption technology in biological
data, things would be simpler ;-)


On Tue, Sep 11, 2001 at 12:12:44PM +0000, Dawn Field wrote:
> >Hello,
> distributed computing like clusters and complex scheduling between 
> UNIX machines (or PC's along the lines of a 'seti-like' :-) approach)?
> Dawn


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