[BiO BB] prototyping

Jan-Christoph Westermann jwester at sgi1.chemie.uni-hamburg.de
Mon Sep 17 05:34:49 EDT 2001

Sameer_Mohta wrote:
> hi all,
> i have one question. if a IT person wants to do a quick and dirty
> prototyping in a weeks time or two weeks time, where can he put effort. I
> have seen alignment tools, structure prediction and so on. But what can be
> the new area in Bioinformatics where this prototyping can be done in this
> short span of time, considering the limitation of in depth scientific
> knowledge of a IT person.

I'm not shure if I got your Question right but I'll try an answer.
The prototyping itself could be done by a non IT-person (scientist for 
example) who tries to work out and solve the problem on scale of 
'proof of concept' (not fast). This ist mostly done in a skript
(Perl, Python) wich are easy to learn. The ITpro would then turn the 
concept into an application that does the work faster.

HTH, jcw

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