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Jan-Christoph Westermann jwester at sgi1.chemie.uni-hamburg.de
Mon Sep 24 05:22:39 EDT 2001

Omica Jain wrote:
> Hi there,
> I’m very new to the field of bioinformatics. I wanted to become an algorithm expert. Can anybody > suggest how should I start from skretch?

What should that algorithm do?
Try these books:
Algorithms in C (O'Reilly)
Numerical Recipies in C (Cambridge University Press, 
available free in the www)

> BTW what is neural network algorithm?

Depends on the type of the artificial neural network you want/need
(Kohonen, ABAM, back-propagation, counter-propagation...).
Neural Networks for Chemists, J. Zupan, J. Gasteiger, VCH

or the book from Susan Dayhof (haven't got the title...)

> Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.

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