[BiO BB] How to write Algorithms

Philipp Pagel philipp.pagel at cmp.yale.edu
Wed Sep 26 11:40:55 EDT 2001


> The analogy I would like to draw is having all the tools for building a car,
> without ever having seen a car - what is the point ?
> Finally, I think all the books suggested are great and I have myself used
> them extensively, so please do not misunderstand my point, which is - Find a
> problem first and then start thinking about how you want to solve it.

Sure - in order to solve a real world problem you want to understand the problem 
first (and see the big picture). But I think it's a rather bad idea to find a 
computational problem and then start thinking about learning how to programm. 
Picking up your car analogy: I wouldn't ask a designer to actually build a car - 
i'd much prefer a mechanical engineer to do that job. 

Also most computational problems are not entirely novel and it helps a lot to have
reasonable background in common algorithms and techniques in the relevant field.

What I like about bioinformatics is that a lot of knowledge from both biology 
and computerscience is required to tackle real problems. Neither of those sciences 
alone is up to the task...


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