[BiO BB] How to write Algorithms

Indraneel Majumdar indraneel at indialine.org
Fri Sep 28 05:55:23 EDT 2001


On Wed, Sep 26, 2001 at 04:21:49PM +0200, Jan Torleif Pedersen wrote:
> them extensively, so please do not misunderstand my point, which is - Find a
> problem first and then start thinking about how you want to solve it.

Thanks for pointing out this basic idea. I tried pointing this out to my
colleague yesterday (who insists that I solve my yet undefined problems
using matrix algebra, which is well greek to me). But the more I look
around, it seems that is a question no one wants to ask, and far less
answer. Most professionals get thrust onto a project, never being asked
to implement their own ideas from scratch (that's how programmers spend
80% of their time debugging other people's code ;-)



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