[BiO BB] C# in Bioinformatics? [Powerful than Java]

Naitik Kothari naitikkothari at india.com
Wed Feb 6 03:48:50 EST 2002

Hi Ashwin,

C# is syntactically same as C++ (similar to Java).
It is backed by Microsoft's .NET technology and has many advantages over Java. Graphics in C# is far better/faster than Java. It has the capability and extension of COM also.

Currently none of the organization has announced usage of C# for its commercial development/research. May be some of the Research Institutes have started exploring that.


Naitik N. Kothari
Analyst (C++/Unix)
Like exploring new technologies (C# is one of them)

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> Hi group,
> I was wondering if any one has an idea on whether this language C# is
> being implemented for tool development by any corporate/research
> centers.Has anyone tested this language with respect to
> Bioinformatics tool development?
> regards,
> Ashwin
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