[BiO BB] whats a haplotype

Parthav Jailwala pajailwala at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 10 12:27:03 EST 2002

in my view, the term 'haplotype' is just used to suggest a mix of phenotype
and genotype information used to discover further insights into a problem.
haplotypic data would suggest data inwhich the information content would
contain both phenotypic data as well as genotypic data.
I might be wrong, to wait for other views.

Parthav Jailwala
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Marquette University, WI
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> 1)can anyone tell me exactly what is a haplotype?
>   ( is it just another strain of a species with haploid conditon?or
> from a internal cross between two strains of any species)
> 2)how haplotypes are used in studying disease polymorphisms
> 3)how is it used in cytogenetics studies and genome Maps creation
> thanks
> A.S.Kiran
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