[BiO BB] Student Seeks Bioinformatics Dissertation Placement

stuart craigie stuartcraigie at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 18 13:53:02 EST 2002

I am currently studying for an Mres in Bioinformatics at the University of 
Glasgow, Scotland. As part of our course requirement we are to organise a 
15-week (summer) industrial placement with a company.

As an undergraduate, I attained a (2:1) in Pharmacology. As well as this, I 
also carried out a funded summer research project with the Wellcome Trust, 
which I applied for on a competitive basis. Both the above project and my 
honours project were CNS related.

During my course in Bioinformatics I have had extensive programming 
experience in Java, gained familiarity with various Unix based 
Bioinformatics software (GCG). I will shortly be learning Oracle based 
database management and also how to program simple scripts in Perl as well 
as CGI programming. The course contains a biology strand, which covers 
genomic analysis and functional genomics, molecular graphics, microarray 
technology and protein structure, folding and prediction.

Please get in touch if you can help.


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