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Ryan Brinkman rbrinkman at xenongenetics.com
Fri Feb 15 14:29:39 EST 2002

you should look at Ensembl and BioPerl. You can pull out all the sequences you want given a ID using Ensembl's MySQL database (either installed locally or accessed remotly through either SQL or PERl API calls). 

>We are constructing a Ms Access database. There are  tables which have a =
>column named GenBank accession number. I want to know whether I can do =
>the following steps to add columns with info from GenBank: 1) get =
>GenBank accession number from the database 2) retrieve DNA sequences or =
>amino acid sequences with the accession number; 3) add one column or =
>more in the table and store retrieved sequences. Are there any tools =
>which can be used for such a purpose? If i want to develop such a =
>program is it difficult? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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