[BiO BB] Pharmacogenomics Course

Ravi Mayreddy RMayreddy at NBME.org
Wed Jan 30 10:53:18 EST 2002

Yes, we are organizing a series of bioinformatics training modules in
Philly. So far, we have done Perl and Bioperl module. Database management
and data mining module will be done by next week. Our next module on
'Microarray Analysis' will be held in first and second saturdays (March, 2
and 9) of March.

Pls send me mail for more info.

Thanks for your interest.


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Back in November Ravi Mayreddy made reference to a developing course in 
Pharmacogenomics to be help in Philadelphia.  Is there any more available 
information on this course at this time?

- Bill Nussbaumer

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