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Philipp Pagel philipp.pagel at cmp.yale.edu
Wed Jan 30 12:26:14 EST 2002

On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 02:06:29AM -0500, FREDERICK TAN wrote:
> . Does anyone have any comments to share about the Vector NTI suite
> offered by InforMax (http://www.informaxinc.com/solutions/)?  In
> particular, how does it fare in comparison to GCG?
> . I am wondering if the main selling part of this program is the
> integration between the various analysis tools (which I realize becomes a
> great time saver in a certain situations), which it appears to do a 
> good job at.  However I am more interested in the performance of the
> algorithms more than anything.


We are using VectorNTI in our lab. It is a nice piece of software for
everyday lab work and due to its graphical user interface people like it
much better than GCG. But the two are hard to compare. First of all
you can not compare performance directly since VectorNT runs exclusivly on 
Mac and Windows while GCG (to my knowledge) runs on UNIX and VMS.
I do not have much first hand experience with GCG - so take this with a 
grain of salt ...

Both products have an very different philosophy and user interface. If you
are more on the bioinformatics side and want to do batch analysis of sequences
VectorNTI is not the way to go since it lacks scripting capabilities. GCG or 
EMBOSS are much better for that. If you are a bench scientist and want to
analyse smaller numbers of sequences, design constructs etc. Vector NTI is
much more convenient and performance of the algorithms is not a real issue

If you are not decided, I suggest you download the demo version of VectorNTI.
You can not import your own sequences or export stuff but its good enough
to get an idea. If you think you need more testing just contact them an they
will provide you with a free trieal period of something like 10 user hours or 
so during which you can use all functions without restrictions.

Another player in this field would be lasergene (DNA Star) which I have tested 
also. Its a good piece of software aswell but has less integration than VectorNTI.

If you have more questions feel free to contact me.


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