[BiO BB] regarding the list of bio-informatics companies

Prasad Phirke prasadp77ie at yahoo.ie
Tue Jun 4 06:40:46 EDT 2002


I would suggest you to search on rediff.com for all
Indian biotech companies, there are loads of them in
your area, I mean south India.
Good Luck


--- srividhya arumilli <srilu_vidhya at yahoo.co.in>
wrote: > 
> I am vidya,here.I did my post graduation in
> bio-chemistry.now i am doing advanced diploma in
> bio-informatics.I will be completing it by this
> august.I worked with software &packages like
> oracle,c,c++,perl,unix,irix,java,phylip,tripos.I am
> doing project work on drug designing as the part of
> the course.I would like to know the list of
> bioinformatics companies preferably in india and
> also the job opportunities.
> thanking u.

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