[BiO BB] Run server program remotely?

Bela Tiwari btiwari at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jun 5 11:27:32 EDT 2002

>popular sequence analysis programs like GCG package, etc. I can run those
>tools from the terminal of server side. I am wondering if possible I can
>run those programs remotely just like my local programs, but using server's
>power. Thus, I don't need to upload my data files to server manually and
>then run it from server terminal. I just need send the request to server,
>then server will upload the needed local data file automatically and run
>the program ,then send me back the result. Sort of a "local program simulator".


I'm not sure this is exactly what you want, but
have you looked at the Pise Bioperl modules?


If you set up Pise on your server for your programs of interest, you could
probably then use the Pise Bioperl modules to run these programs from your
local machine.



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