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Alexis Gambis alexis at gambis.com
Tue Jun 18 20:53:44 EDT 2002


My name is Alexis Gambis. I am officially from paris, France but after
graduating with a Scientific Baccaulaureate, I came to college in the United
States. I will be a senior student majoring in bioinformatics at Bard
College, which is located in upstate New York. I have already stepped foot
into my senior thesis this summer. In collaboration with my advisor Doctor
Rob Cutler, I am working on  building up a dataset of chromosomal syntenic
regions across all 64 sequenced bacterial genomes. I created syntenic unit
ids for each corresponding structure ... what I mean by syntenic unit is RNA
structures, non-translated genes and proteins. I couldn't narrow myself down
to using the COG (cluster of orthologous groups of proteins) Ids to infer
relationship b/w species because they are stringent to functionality and are
only given to proteins. Eventually after doing the meticulous perl
programming labor, I will use my syntenic region analysis to pinpoint the
chromosomal rearrangements/splits and build a phylogenetic tree. This is a
little grain of my research that I thought might interest you to give you
have a sense of who I am, what I know and how that fits into what you are
looking for.

I can program in scheme, C, java, perl (+ bioperl modules) and I usually
work on a Linux workstation. In terms of web handling, I know html, xml and
cgi. I have a solid knowledge in both molecular biology and computer
science. I have also delt several times with relational databases such as
BerkeleyDB and know how to handle SQL to access/retrieve information from
these type of databases.

If you could inform me on the available scholarships/internships and any
advice worthwile for a bioinformatics student (for ex: graduate school),
that would be highly appreciated ...

thank you in advance,

Alexis Gambis

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