[BiO BB] Ph D Studentship

Prasad Phirke prasadp77ie at yahoo.ie
Wed Jun 19 07:10:03 EDT 2002

Hi All,

I am currently pursuing Masters in Biological Sciences
in Dublin CIty University, Ireland.

I am looking for Ph D Studentship in the project
involving a blend of Bioinformatics and classical
Molecular Biology in Europe.

I will be thankful if anyone can suggest the
universities or prof.s having such kind of
studentships. I have tried to my level best but I
found only one university where I found perfect 'my'
kind of project but at this point of time, I am on 
reserved list because of my non - EU nationality

Hope to look forward some positive replies.

Thanks in advance


Prasad H. PhirkePost - Grad Student,Dublin City University,X1 78, School Of Biotechnology,Glasnevin, Dublin - 9,IRELAND.Mobile - +353 (0)85 721 5335Lab- +353 1 700 5908*

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