[BiO BB] Bioinformatics development forum

Peter oledzki biopolak at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 20 12:47:27 EST 2002

I don't know of any such mailing list but don't take
my word for it!

I'm a student and from my perspective I think such a
mailing list would be extremely valuable for aspiring
students learning to code for bioinformatics tools. 

--- martin goodson <martingoodson at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I am looking for a web forum or mailing list that is
> aimed at the 
> bioinformatics developer. I am interested in
> discussions regarding 
> architectural considerations, data modelling and
> algorithms in 
> bioinformatics and so on.
> Does one exist? If not do please let me know if you
> think it might be a good 
> idea to set one up.
> martin
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