[BiO BB] Journal organizer?

Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 20 21:22:55 EST 2002

Sorry if this message is totally inappropriate, I have
only just joined.

I am trying to build a PHP / MYSQL / APACHE 
web interfacae to a 'journal management' DB.

This because I get really frustrated by all 
the silly inconsistent serch web gui journal
search engines and I don't know how to use
Post Nuke. 

Basicaly it is dedicated to scientific resources
(only journals at the moment) so should be more 
usefull than a generic CMS. 

I have a huge ambitious to do list. Has it all 
already been done?

I use xpdf (pdfinfo and pdftotext) to get as much 
data as I can, then user input (with cut and paste 
from pdftotext dump). pdftops and ps2text can also 
be usefull. 


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