[BiO BB] Announcing BioLayout JAVA v1.0b

Anton Enright anton at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Oct 1 17:39:07 EDT 2002

Dear Friends,
We would like to announce the release of BioLayout JAVA v1.0b.
This is a tool we've been developing for visualising protein-protein
interaction networks and protein sequence similarity graphs. Although, the
method should be able to lay out just about any type of graph.
BioLayout JAVA uses a modified Fruchterman Rheingold graph layout algorithm
which performs very nice layouts of complex graphs.
The previous version was written in C and had many portability problems, the
new version in JAVA, should run on just about any platform and has many new
For best performance, we recommend running the application on a fast machine
with plenty of memory (e.g. Mac G4 1.0Ghz, 250MB RAM). This is because large
graphs may require a lot of processing, and memory.
If you are interested in downloading BioLayout JAVA, or finding out about
the algorithm, then please go to the project homepage at:
Please feel free to let us know your comments and to report problems at:
biolayout at ebi.ac.uk
Many Thanks, 
The BioLayout Development Team.
Anton Enright, Leon Goldovsky and Ildefonso Cases (Ouzounis Group).

European Bioinformatics Institute,
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus,
CB10 1SD,

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