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yadhu kumar yadhukumar at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 17 06:23:05 EDT 2002

Hello Balaji,

ARB is a software program developed at Technical University of Munich, 
Germany, to construct the phlogenetic trees using most common methods like 
parsimony, maximum likelyhood, distance matrix methods, etc., What makes it 
unique is its built in database of the aligned sequences for eg., there are 
about 20 thousands aligned 16s rRNA sequences. You can do lot with ARB 
starting from probe match, primer design, export,import sequences, sequence 
editing, tree building, and so on. One more important feature is its inbuilt 
secondary structure editor where one can visualize the rRNA structures and 
take them into consideration to improve the alignment, on which a quality of 
phylogenetic tree depends on.

Its a open source free software and you can download from www.arb-home.de. 
Unfortunately it works only on Linux and solaris machines. Mac versions are 
also available.

Hope it helps. If you have any questions regarding the same, feel free to 
mail me.

with regards

Bioinformatics Unit
Department of Microbiology
Technical University of Munich
Munich , Germany
+49 89 28922370 (O)
+49 89 21021897 (R)
+49 172 8204198 (M)

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