[BiO BB] bad signature from steletch at biomedicale.univ-paris5.fr

Dmitri I GOULIAEV dig at bioinformatics.org
Sat Aug 2 05:23:43 EDT 2003

Hi, Michael !

 On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 01:04:55PM +0200, mgruenb at gmx.net wrote:

> you could add the following two lines to your gpg.conf: 
> keyserver wwwkeys.pgp.net 
> keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve 

They are already there.

What seems to be a problem is that I can easily verify the signature from other people (I should say, my MUA correctly verifies most of messages), but not from Stefane and few other people. So, I try to understand why it fails sometimes (famous Russian question: Whose fault?).

> The first line specifies the key server and the second line says to 
> check keys on the keyserver automatically. You could also type this on 
> the command line. See gpg -h for info. 

Thanks for the information.

"BAD signature" signifies that both content and signature information are available, but are not corresponding one to another. So, I guess that the verification failure is due to the fact that both the identity and the content contain non-ascii characters.

I just wanted to know if my configuration (mutt- + gnupg-1.2.1) is somewhat erroneous.
Apparently, it is the case.


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