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P Sravan Kumar. PAsst sravan at www.cdfd.org.in
Mon Aug 25 15:25:41 EDT 2003

Hello all,
	I have a query regarding sequence alignment.
		I constructed HMM profiles for a set of msas(multiple
sequence alignments) individually.These are called my hosts.But I have
.hmm files for only 400 msas out of 1000. I collected blosum series of
matrices also. If I have to do sequence alignment using hmm profiles as
basic substitution matrices, how can I do ?
options 1:
	- use of only blosum for all
	- use of .hmms for those they are available and blosums for thouse
.hmms are not available.

I want to take the suggestions from you all regarding the options and also
and possible matrices for sequence alignments.

I appreciate your early response, as it will allow me to move littlebit
quicker in my work.

Thank you all,

P. Sravana Kumar
c/o Dr. Shekhar C. Mande,
Laboratory of Structural Biology,
Center for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics,
ECIL Road,
Nacharam 500 076,

Ph:  Lab: Direct: 040-27171442
     General: 040-27151344-1400
e-mail:  sravan at www.cdfd.org.in

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