[BiO BB] Looking for suggestions on where to hold next meeting

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu Aug 28 18:42:55 EDT 2003


Bioinformatics.Org is looking to hold its 4th Annual Meeting (4AM) in 
2004.  The last 3 meetings took place as follows:

2001: ISMB, Copenhagen, Denmark
2002: O'Reilly Biocon, Tucson, Arizona
2003: O'Reilly Biocon, San Diego, California

Note that O'Reilly won't be holding a bioinformatics conference in 2004.

Some of the other conferences that come to mind include...

- ISMB/ECCB 2004 (Scotland): http://www.iscb.org/ismbeccb2004/

- Bio-IT World 2004 (Boston): http://www.bioitworldexpo.com/

- IEEE/CSB 2004 (Stanford?): 

Of course, there's also PSB and RECOMB:

- PSB 2004 (Hawaii): http://psb.stanford.edu/

- RECOMB 2004 (San Diego): http://recomb04.sdsc.edu/ (The Westin-Horton 
seems to be a popular hotel)

What other places would be good to hold our meeting?  Should we consider 
Open Source and Linux conferences?  Please suggest places that **YOU** 
would actually go to.  Please don't say, "Go to this conference in 
Syberia", when you know that you wouldn't go.

2AM and 3AM had good attendance.  Our track talks got between 50 and 100 
attendees.  We would like to match or improve upon that for 4AM.

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