[BiO BB] Seeking project for a high school student

Iddo Friedberg idoerg at burnham.org
Wed Dec 10 15:33:11 EST 2003

How about a protein sequence colorer? Read a FASTA file, and use 
different color schemes based on charge, hydrophobicity, size, polarity. 
This could also be turned into a simple hydropathy indexing plot, thus a 
   primitive membrane protein predictor.

  If this sounds like an underkill, apply same idea to a multiple 
sequence alignment.  Conservation indices etc. may be calculated for 
each column. (For a given alignment of course, writing a mutliple 
sequence aligner from scratch is definitely *not* a school project :)

This would teach:
1) Simple parsing
2) a lot of protein biochemistry
3) If the secind option is taken, a bit of information theory.


Sook Jung wrote:
> Dear all,
> Can anybody suggest potential bioinformatics projects for a high school
> student for science? He is a bright student -especially good at biology,
> chemistry and mathmatics- but not a lot of programming experience (some
> visual basic).
> Thank you.
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