[BiO BB] Is it possible to Blast against genBank files

jordan swanson jordanmswanson at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 11 18:44:15 EST 2003

I've downloaded and installed blast and some FASTA
databases for a lab I'm working for.  I have a user
who is blasting (using blastx) against a list of
clones.  Unfortunately, the database files I
downloaded do not contain enough information for
her(because they are fasta format)

This leads me to believe that I need a local copy of
the genBank files.  I've downloaded gbpln[1-9].seq
from NCBI. (we only need plant files).  Is it possible
to blast against these gb files?  Also, what options
do I need to use on formatdb to create the correct
index files?

If my questions are out of place here, let me know and
I'll desist.

-Jordan M Swanson

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