[BiO BB] guidance needed

Adrian Tkacz adrian at bioinfo.pl
Tue Dec 30 05:59:55 EST 2003


This link could help you:

load_seqdatabase.pl      - a very flexible script to load
		           sequences into the database

Adrian Tkacz
adrian at bioinfo.pl

On Thu, 2003-12-25 at 04:59, SH Sharma wrote:
> hi we are computer engineering students developing a a sequence
> retreival system to retreive data from genbank.
> This is how we have thought of
> (1) first we will have our software running on apache web server. The
> webserver will accept http requests from the web browsers from
> different clients. To handle this we will be running PHP script on the
> web server.
> (2) on getting a request now we want our software to access data from
> GenBANK. How to achieve this. what technolgy is needed to get data
> from a remote bioinformatics database such as Genbank or swiss prot
> and save the data in the local database.
> We would be thankful if you can guide us.
> Neeraj sharma    
> B.E. computer engineering
> university of pune
> india

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