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Since the guys who asked the question are computer engineering students,
they would (read: should) rather use a RDBMS to store data locally.

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Its is better to store the data locally, and parse the data
by using a parser and store the indices in token tables (indexing).
Use these indices to retrieve the data.

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Question on (2):

Do you want to store and process data localy?

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hi we are computer engineering students developing a a sequence
retreival system to retreive data from genbank.
This is how we have thought of
(1) first we will have our software running on apache web server. The
webserver will accept http requests from the web browsers from different
clients. To handle this we will be running PHP script on the web server.
(2) on getting a request now we want our software to access data from
GenBANK. How to achieve this. what technolgy is needed to get data from
a remote bioinformatics database such as Genbank or swiss prot and save
the data in the local database.

We would be thankful if you can guide us.

Neeraj sharma 
B.E. computer engineering
university of pune
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