[BiO BB] how to access database remotely

Svensson, B.A.T. (HKG) B.A.T.Svensson at lumc.nl
Wed Dec 31 05:55:09 EST 2003

If you point a web browser to those data centers I am quite confident that
you will be able to get an answer on all your question below.

Try out:

 * http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Genbank/
 * http://www.expasy.org/sprot/
 * http://www1.embl-heidelberg.de/

Swissprot have copyright on their data, and you should read the copyright
notice before using the data. Depending on how you want to use swissprot,
you might need to have permission from them. 

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We are a group (5) computer engineering students.We are developing our
own Sequence retrieval system. We have the following queries.
(1) We want to access and then search the Genbank or EMBL or Swissprot
(2) Hence do we need any permission.
(3)If not what is the location or path where the respective repository
for Genbank, EMBL or swissprot is located.

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