[BiO BB] how to access database remotely

Iddo Friedberg idoerg at burnham.org
Wed Dec 31 12:24:40 EST 2003

Regarding GenBank:
Entrez Programming Utilities are tools that provide access to Entrez 
data outside of the regular web query interface and may be helpful for 
retrieving search results for future use in another environment


Access restrictions -- for bandwidth, not for intellectual property 
reasons -- are listed there.

Expasy documentation is here:


SH Sharma wrote:
> We are a group (5) computer engineering students.We are developing our 
> own Sequence retrieval system. We have the following queries.
> (1) We want to access and then search the Genbank or EMBL or Swissprot 
> database.
> (2) Hence do we need any permission.
> (3)If not what is the location or path where the respective repository 
> for Genbank, EMBL or swissprot is located.

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